Here is the Explanation about Order Status.
Main Status
This is a new order in your Shopify store and synchronized into JetPrint Fulfillment. It has not been purchased or processed yet, Even if you choose “Automatically process order”, you’re still able to check the order or cancel it directly in several hours(the optional time you can set) before being processed to next status.
Awaiting Production

The order has been automatically or manually charged successfully and processed by JetPrint Fulfillment, then it’ll be produced and ship to your customers directly in very short time.

In Production

The Production has started, the parcels will be ready in 3-5 working days(depending on the quantity of the order products, and including the 1-2 days for test of normal work and water-resistance performance)


The order has been produced and shipped out, and your customer will get an email containing the tracking information from Shopify.

Additional Status
"Risky" Flag

You have a new order synchronized into JetPrint Fulfillment, which was flagged as “Risky” order by Shopify. You can set the “Automatically process risky orders” option at “Setting” page, the default method is “Manually process risky orders”, which means these Risky Orders won’t be processed automatically, even if you have the “Automatically process order” option set to Yes, you need to manually set the next process, which is “Cancel” or “Manufacturing”. 

If you select the “Automatically process risky orders” option, the Risky Orders will be purchased by your credit card and processed to “Manufacturing” status automatically.


The order has been cancelled manually by you or your customers.


The “ON HOLD” orders may be set by you if you want to change the shipping address or other data. Also, it may be set by JetPrint Fulfillment for other special reasons. If you set the “Automatically process order”, you can Modify the address/quantity or Cancel the orders only during the Optional time you set or before manual purchase. When the orders move to “Manufacturing” status, you CANNOT change it any more.

Notes: If you want to set an order to “ON HOLD” status, please contact us by mail to [email protected] in advance.

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