Guidance For You To Benefit From JetPrint Fulfillment & Start-up Your Own Custom Watch Brand


Product & Price Guide

How much will it cost to start-up my own custom watch brand with JetPrint Fulfillment?

JetPrint Fulfillment is 100% FREE for all the Shopify retailers and artists who want to build up their own custom watch brand. Click here to download our app and check all the base costs of our current premium watches.

What’s the meaning / difference of the Base Cost and Profits at the template page?

About the base cost/profit, like our Genuine Leather Strap Water-resistant Automatic Watches:

The Cost $70 is the base cost you need to pay us for production and standard delivery. And the Profit $60 is a suggested profit for you, you can add this amount to the base cost, as the Sale Price to your customers. Then your customers need to pay $130 for you at your site, and you just need to pay $70 for production and delivery and earn $60 as your profit. (The higher you set, the more you get!)

Has the base cost contained the shipping cost?

Yes, the base costs you see at our website have contained the shipping cost of Standard Delivery, if you choose to ship by Express, it’ll need the additional cost, but better and faster shipping service for your customers.

When my customers purchased new watches, how does JetPrint Fulfillment charge and process?

After your customers set orders, the order will automatically be synced to JetPrint Fulfillment System and stay at Pending status., then you can choose to Manually or Automatically pay the base cost. Once we receive your payment, the order status will change to Awaiting Production first, then change to In Production. After your custom parcels being shipped out, we will update the tracking number to Shopify and fulfill your order, and order status changes to Shipped.

Why are the prices on the waybill from customs so low / different from the base cost at app?

Normally, to avoid the parcels being charged additional tax or duty for your customers, the prices we submit to custom are lower than the base costs you see at our app.

Which countries or districts will still charge the taxes when processing local dispatch?

Based on the records of our orders so far, though we always submit a lower price to customs to avoid taxes & duties, in some European countries/districts like Spain and Romania, the local customs / Express agency will still charge additional taxes when dispatching parcel to recipients.

Which movement & battery are the watches using, and how long do they last at least?

We’re using 3 kinds of high-quality movements, Citizen 2035, Miyota 2035 for most of our watches, and Chinese Liaocheng mechanical movement for our new Genuine Leather Strap Water-resistant Automatic Watch. And the battery of normal quartz watches is SONY 377 SR626SW (1.55V), it’s easy to replace at any jeweler. The Warranty of the product guaranteed is 1 year, including the product quality and normal internal work.

What kind of glass do the watch use?

It’s High-density mineral glass.

What kind of back do the watch cases have (screwed back, flip-type back, etc.)?

It’s Snap-off case back.

Can I add my brand logo/name on the back of the watch? And do you have custom packages?

Yes. Now we support the Back Case Engraving Process and Package Customization, you just need to send us the .ai / .psd / other vector files of the designs, we’ll manually process for you. Besides, the additional cost for Engraving is $5/pcs, for package customization is $5/pcs. If you need the design template, contact our customer service team.

How long will it take to have my custom watch once processed?

The average production time is 3-5 working days(depending on the quantity of the order products, and including the 1-2 days for the test of normal work and water-resistance performance).

Note: The Engraving Process will cost extra 2-3 working days.

Are the watches waterproof? / What’s the meaning of 3 ATM water-resistance?

Yes. Water-resistant is a common mark which usually stamped on the case back or the dial of the watch, to indicate how well the watch is sealed against the ingress of water. Most of our watches are with 3 ATM water-resistance (except for Hot-sale Black Double-Layer Quartz Watch). it actually means the splash resistant, which is ok for rain, hand washing, other occasional contacts with water. But it does NOT mean you can take it 30 meters below water. Click here to learn more about the difference between Water-resistance of your watches.

Payment Guide

Which kinds of payment methods do you support? / How can I pay for the watches?

We support PayPal, VISA, Master Card, and other Credit Cards. Meanwhile, you can bind Credit cards to out app, then it’ll automatically charge the base costs of your new orders after the time limit you set at the app, which is widely accepted and used by our clients, saving your time and strength to process payment in person.

Design Guide
What’s the format limit & suggested picture size/resolution?

Currently, our system is supporting RGB color mode, you can upload JPG/PNG/BMP formats pictures. And for better print effect and higher pixel clarity of products, the size 1500 x 1500px with 300dpi is a size suggestion for you, to ensure the best printing effect and pixel clarity, and sure, you can upload pictures smaller than 1000 x 1000, it’s ok, but it may be a blurry and can’t get the best effect. Otherwise, some products need larger pixels, such as tapestry. Meanwhile, when uploaded a picture at our app, you can see the notification of print effect at the panel like this:

What’s the diffrence between the Blue circle and Green Circle of the template?

Blue Circle is the Safe Line to keep the most important area/content of the design within this line to ensure it won’t be cut off during manufacturing.

Green Circle is the Bleed Line to Extent the artwork to this line to ensure there won’t be a white edge or related blank area during manufacturing.

Shipping Guide
Where are the custom watches shipped from?

Our collaborated manufacturers are located in China, all your custom orders will be produced and shipped from China to global districts. The parcels will export from Shenzhen and Hong Kong SAR agencies. If you want your orders to send from HongKong to your customer, please contact us and choose your shipping method by Fast Delivery.

How much will the delivery cost?

Here we support two Shipping Methods: Standard Delivery (Global Free Shipping) & Express Delivery (mostly $15.00/pcs).

How long will it cost to ship to global districts, especially to USA and main European countries?

The average shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 1318 working days, and 3-7 working days for Express Delivery.

For US districts, our Standard Delivery may cost shorter in 10-15 working days and Express Delivery is only 3-5 working days, even Faster! (depending on the districts). And recently our standard delivery has updated USPS in only 12 days).

Where is your returning address?

Returning Address:  

3rd Floor Building D Minle Industrial Park Bantian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Phone number: +8617720879629

Contact Name: Tanwei95389

Note: The Warranty of product guaranteed is 1 year, including the product quality and normal internal work. We guarantee the returning shipping cost if there is damage and quality problem with our products if your customer wanna return because they don’t like it, they need to afford the shipping cost.

Refund Guide

How to and How long will I get the refund?

First, we agree to refund ONLY in followed situations:

  1. The product is severely damaged when received or has a quality problem within 1 year, you can request for refund or replacement.
  2. The print/engraving is not the same as you / your customers ordered.
  3. Parcels missing during the delivery.

If any of these 3 situations happen, you can contact our Customer Service Support here or by email to [email protected]. We’ll process the refund procedure for you after our finance department confirms the amount, they’ll transfer the refund to the account which you used to pay for this order in 1-3 working days most.

Note: If the refund doesn’t reach your account over 14 days, you can contact us for a detailed refund code such as stan code.

Setting Guide
How to use “Automatically order processing” option?

“Automatically order process” needs you select “Automatic purchase” options of your credit card first, and then you have two options:

  • Automatically process orders: You need to set an optional time first. When you receive a new order, it’ll be automatically purchased by your credit card and processed to “Manufacturing” status after the Optional time you set.
  • Manually process orders: The new orders need you to purchase manually, then the order will change to “Manufacturing” status.

Note: You can Modify the address/quantity or Cancel the orders ONLY during the Optional time you set or before manual purchase. When the orders move to “Manufacturing” status, you CANNOT change it anymore.

Why my order is tagged as "Risky"?

When the Shopify system flags an order as high risk, it means that one or more key attributes that they looked for didn’t match up, such as the bank/credit card account for your customers. When this happens we typically would suggest that your refund and cancel the order as there is a high risk of the order getting a chargeback.

Or you can continue to process, only after confirming with your clients again.

What should I do after I receive an order which is tagged as "Risky", and choose to continue the process?

Click the “Settings” button at the top of the page.

In the “Automatically process risky orders” option, you can set to “Automatically” or “Manually” process risky orders.

The default method is “Manually process risky orders”, which means these Risky Orders will change to “On Hold” status and won’t be processed automatically, you need to manually set the next process, “Cancel” or “Manufacturing”. If you select the “Automatically process risky orders” option, the Risky Orders will be purchased by your credit cards and processed to “Manufacturing” status automatically.

Processing Guide
Is there a Explanation of Order Status?

Main Status


This is a new order in your Shopify store and synchronized into JetPrint Fulfillment. It has not been purchased or processed yet, Even if you choose “Automatically process order”, you’re still able to check the order or cancel it directly in several hours(the optional time you can set) before being processed to the next status.

Awaiting Production

The order has been automatically or manually charged successfully and processed by JetPrint Fulfillment, it’ll be produced and ship to your customers directly in a very short time.

In Production

The Production has started, the parcels will be ready in 3-5 working days(depending on the quantity of the order products, and including the 1-2 days for the test of normal work and water-resistance performance)


The order has been produced and shipped out, and your customers will get an email containing the tracking information from Shopify.


Additional Status

“Risky” Flag

You have a new order synchronized into JetPrint Fulfillment, which was flagged as the “Risky” order by Shopify. You can set the “Automatically process risky orders” option at “Setting” page, The default method is “Manually process risky orders”, which means these Risky Orders won’t be processed automatically, even if you have the “Automatically process order” option set to Yes, you need to manually set the next process, “Cancel” or “Manufacturing”. If you select the “Automatically process risky orders” option, the Risky Orders will be purchased by your credit card and processed to “Manufacturing” status automatically.


The order has been canceled manually by you or your customers.


The “ON HOLD” orders may be set by you if you want to change the shipping address or other data. Also, it may be set by JetPrint Fulfillment for other special reasons. If you set the “Automatically process order”, You can Modify the address/quantity or Cancel the orders only during the Optional time you set or before manual purchase. When the orders move to “Manufacturing” status, you CANNOT change it anymore. Notes: If you want to set an order to “ON HOLD” status, please contact us in advance.

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